Underwear and Thermals

Perfect underwear quality: breathable, comfortable, well-fitting


To ensure that you feel good all over, your underwear must also meet all the demands of modern working life. It should fit like a second skin, leave sufficient room to move, promote a good body climate and harmonise ideally with the outerwear. PLANAM Underwear and Thermals fit this bill perfectly. This is really no surprise, since it benefits from our great expertise in outerwear. In this way, we can offer you not only perfection on the outside, but also matching excellence underneath. A perfect combination for relaxed working in all seasons.

Benefit from these extras: high-quality materials (excellent heat insulation, breathability, very hygienic as it wicks away moisture from the skin, good skin feel, ideal body temperature) and perfect workmanship (extremely comfortable, light and elastic, lots of room to move, very easy to care for).

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