Workwear is advertising space for your logo and acts like a business card for your company. Personalisation ensures a recognisable and positive company image. Our finishing service brings your message to a wider audience in an individual, professional and fast manner.


The individual personalisation of workwear must leave scope for different designs. Therefore, we provide you with numerous finishing options that meet your requirements.

Our range of high-quality personalisation options is large and ranges from direct embroidery with high-quality polyester yarn to washable transfer prints, which can also be ironed. We also provide a great finish for your company logo as well as your valued employees’ names in a respectful manner, all to ensure your perfect company image.

Customised service
From sewing on additional pockets and knee pockets to tailoring gar - ments to size – our team are happy to meet any individual request you may have. Changes to conform to standards can also often be made after consultation.


Individual logo, individual support

You can call us for advice from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.r.

PLANAM Individual specialises in personalising your workwear. From reflective appliqués to transfer prints and embroidery, we offer multiple personalisation options of the highest quality. Whether you need small quantities for handicraft businesses or large runs for industrial com- panies – our team of experts are on hand to provide you with personal advice and detailed information about the optimal finishing types for our products. This also applies to finishing options where the processes are specially adapted to certification. We also ensure the radiantly cool look of your personalised workwear – with reflective PLANAM patch tattoos in four variations, for visual highlights on trouser legs or the backs of ja- ckets, for example. Also possible: We can also customise silver reflective patch emblems, such as in the shape of your company logo. The results are unmissable and stylish at the same time.

Important note: Applying additional reflective stripes does not mean that the garments are considered to be high-visibility clothing