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Darkness and poor visibility during the day are major risk factors when working outdoors whatever the season. With dark, non-reflective clothing you can be easily overlooked, thus exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Take preventive action! With PLANAM protective clothing you are always on the safe side. This is ensured by reflective tapes made of reflective material, which shines brightly from afar when illuminated, thus providing effective protection. This effect is further reinforced by the high visibility of the clothing. Another advantage for the summer is the protection according to the UV protection certificate „PROTECT 80“, which enables you to remain in the sun 80 times longer than you normally would without protection. With their integrated sun protection factor, the refined garments provide your skin with optimum protection. In addition to the safety aspects, the many practical features and high-quality workmanship using the best materials guarantee quality at the highest level.

Perfect protection regardless of whether it is dark or sunny

Safety is often taken lightly when it comes to lightweight work clothing, especially in the summer. This poses certain risks, which is why PLANAM has developed a range of T-shirts and polo shirts that provide protection regardless of whether it is dark or sunny. The reflective tapes made of reflective material ensures good visibility while the UV protection certificate „PROTECT 40“ prevents sunburn. PLANAM’s models allow you to remain in the sun 40 times longer than those without protection. These values are outstanding for textiles if one considers that a conventional cotton T-shirt only has a sun protection factor of 10. This allows people with sensitive skin to stay in the sun longer without having to cover themselves in sunscreen. That makes work significantly easier. In addition, the elaborate finishing, high-quality materials and modern look create quality standards that more than live up to practical demands.

Weatherproof quality that can be seen

Unfortunately, we can‘t do anything about bad weather, but we can provide suitable clothing. This is why we offer a range of garments designed especially for the cool and rainy time of the year, providing you with all-round protection against the risks of darkness, rain and cold. The reflective tapes made of reflective material shines brightly when illuminated, thus ensuring good visibility, even from a distance. The PLANAM-Tex or PU coated material on the back of the fabric and the glued seams are as effective as an umbrella. The padded models also provide outstanding protection against the cold. In addition to these attributes ensuring optimum comfort, the range excels thanks to its many practical features offering a high user benefit and quality that sets standards.

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