Plaline High Visible

An unbeatable combination

Plaline Warnschutz

First and foremost high visibility clothing needs to be easily visible. But modern design is becoming more and more of a focal point. In order to design your protective work clothing so that it is both safe, comfortable and modern, PLANAM has developed the successful Plaline range of high visibility clothing. This new collection is a real eye-catcher with its two different colours and a chic design. Plaline High Visibility is work clothing that conforms to standards in an up-to-date style. In addition to the reflective stripes made from reflective material, the comfortable to wear fabric made from 25 % cotton provides optimal protection and a high level of comfort. Numerous pockets of different sizes ensure that you always have a folding ruler, mobile phone, etc. ready to hand.

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Plaline High Visible

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