MG 290 Workwear

A material innovation! It’s a clean affair!


When things get heated up on the job, of course a lot of dirt and dust are stirred up. So that you can still have a “clean coat” and leave a good external impression, PLANAM has developed an innovative collection: MG 290, the new “A Class” in work clothing – dirt and dust resistant. The secret is in the material. Here 60 % cotton and 40 % polyester were combined into one thread, and now you can immediately start benefiting from the advantages of this unique blended fabric:

  • Low static charge and thus good protection from dirt and dust
  • Breathable for a pleasant body climate
  • Resistant to tears and abrasions for a long wearing life
  • Easy care and dryer safe
  • Pleasant and lightweight to wear

These attributes guarantee you the highest level of quality and wearing comfort – typical PLANAM.

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