MG 260 Workwear

Takes rough treatment, yet soft and comfortable to the touch


Work clothing is subjected to harsh conditions every day. That’s why it pays to count on quality, which guarantees you durability and a long wearing life. The PLANAM MG 260 collection offers you these benefits. MG – in German this abbreviation stands for “Mischgewebe” or “blended fabric” and combines polyester and cotton. The advantages of these two materials complement each other perfectly, whereby the polyester fibres significantly increase the robustness of the fabric. After all, polyester’s resistance to tears and abrasions is 5-8 times higher than that of cotton. These clothes will stick with you through thick and thin. Test them for yourself and become a fan of their easy-care qualities such as being dryer-safe. You’ll thus benefit from an added value that you can count on.

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