Labelling service

The first impression is key

The right work clothing is always a calling card for your company and is also used as free advertising space with your logo. We bring your message to a wider audience - with the PLANAM finishing service.

Infinite variety

There are thousands of variations and options to personalise the PLANAM products and create an individual design. Here we are showing you a small selection of what is possible, in order to inspire you and give you ideas. Please contact us for expert advice to find out which type of finishing fits most optimally with our products. You explain your requirements and we will make them happen in as short a time as possible.

Small order or large production runs

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small trade business with 5 employees that needs to be equipped with CI clothing or a large industrial company with several hundred employees. We can create up to 1000 emblems a day for you at the Herzebrock-Clarholz site.

PLANAM Embroidery Service

Based on your individual template, an embroidery programme will be created for embroidery straight onto the clothes or for an embroidery application. The most up-to-date computerised machines ensure the best durability from stitching to sewing it on. Special embroidery thread made from high-quality polyester guarantees great durability.

PLANAM Printing Patch Service

Whether it is a company logo or lettering - a camera-ready template is enough for us to “personalise” your clothing – with a high quality, clear typeface, which can be washed and ironed. Available in any colour and with vast design options for a size of max. 390 × 390 mm.

PLANAM Refl ex Service

Good visibility is extremely important for the safety of your employees. A lot of PLANAM products are already fitted with reflective tape or reflective surfaces. For even better visibility we sew on or patch on 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective tape for you – customisable to suit your requirements.

PLANAM Tattoo as a standard option

Stylish surfaces made from reflective patched logos are very fashionable and provide another optical highlight for PLANAM work clothing. As standard we store 4 variations of PLANAM Tattoos for you - so that you can quickly customise and revamp a trouser leg or the back of a jacket for example. The reflective fabric is permanently applied to the clothing and ensures additional safety.

Finishing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is particularly important in relation to the finishing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that the type of finish is specifically suited to the PPE type examination certificate and recertified accordingly. Here too, PLANAM offers a multitude of certified options for attaching your company logo to the PPE.

For any modification to the PPE which is not recertified, the type examination certificate is no longer valid and the complete protection of the wearer is no longer guaranteed.

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