Winter 2015 / 2016

For the next winter season we at PLANAM will be adding 5 new products to the winter collection and an additional new colour for the Glacier Pilot articles. So we will be rounding off the existing collection to perfection – the right clothing whatever the weather.

Ideal for the transitional season is the Shade Jacket with soft fleece on the inside. This light jacket can also be worn by ladies to great effect as well.

The Unit Ladies Softshell Jacket is the latest addition to our range of womenswear in the winter range. Reflective zips for safety are combined with breathability to make it comfortable to wear.

For straightforward practicality we have the Flare Parka : with lots of pockets for holding all those essential utensils, the restrained contrast with signal yellow makes for an attractive appearance. And the waterproof fabric won’t leave you out in the rain.

The Cross Parka offers three-in-one wearing comfort. The 3-in-1 parka with inner fleece jacket that can be worn separately is breathable and waterproof, and the restrained colours of brown/black, anthracite/black and olive/black offer variety. Reflective applications provide extra safety.

Optimum insulation in icy cold temperatures is guaranteed with the Iso Jacket: the 3MTM ThinsulateTM insulation provides real warmth but is ultra-light as well. Sleeve cuffs with a thumb loop on the inside make it particularly comfortable to wear, while reflective applications ensure that the wearer is clearly visible.

A classic in a new colour: the Gletscher Pilot range of articles has been a big favourite for years. To the existing colours we have now added the colour white for the Gletscher Comfort Jacket , Gletscher Pilot Jacket and the Gletscher Pilot Vest articles. The cosy fleece in grey adds a modern contrast.

Heat protection in a modern design

PLANAM offers precise, optimum protection for extreme conditions. When working with low radiant heat and hazards from splashes of molten metal, the new Weld Shield special line keeps you permanently on the safe side.

The articles Weld Shield Jacket , Weld Shield Trousers and Weld Shield Dungarees impress thanks to their modern, two-coloured design. The high-quality fabric blend consisting of 84% cotton, 15% polyester and 1% carbon fibres is robust and suitable for dryers, making these garments low-maintenance. In addition, the numerous pockets and features ensure access to all the tools your work requires. The colour combinations grey/black and royal blue/black are available to choose from.

Weld Shield was certified by the Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut (STFI – Saxon Textile Research Institute) according to EN ISO 11611 Cl. 1, A1 (protective clothing for welding and associated processes), EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, E3, F1 (protection for industrial workers exposed to heat) as well as EN 1149-3 (test process for measurement of charge decay) and EN 1149-5 (performance requirements for electrostatic properties). You can thus feel safe and protected when working with heat and welding.

PLANAM thinks of everything

Workwear from PLANAM has been tried and trusted for years. Now we are carrying over our commitment to the highest possible quality and optimum safety to another new workwear segment: accessories. Find out for yourself all about the numerous extras which are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

The lightweight Fleece Hat has a double brim for extra protection for your ears and forehead. It comes in six different colours and two different sizes to offer you a wide choice.

The new 2-colour Knitted Hat is a reversible hat, with two colours on the outside and an understated inside in a single colour. Elastic and supple, it fits to the shape of every head. Choose from five different colour variations.

For your ears and head, the Knitted Hat with Turn-up provides perfect protection. In restrained dark colours to suit every taste. Ideal for working effectively outdoors in cold temperatures.

Optimum warmth starts with the head. The Thinsulate™ Hat with Turn-up provides extra protection for your ears and forehead. Theoriginal 3M™ Thinsulate™ 40 g padding helps maintain your body temperature – for optimum thermal insulation.

With the additional Tool Bag , you have everything to hand at all times. Simply secure it to your belt by the two loops and you have the additional space of five pockets. The Tool Bags are colour-coordinated with many other PLANAM articles.

Variety for all kinds of weather and for every taste

We are expanding the PLANAM winter collection by 9 articles to create a perfect overall package. Some of the new items are quite independent, while others are ideal in combination with PLANAM workwear.

The Chuck Softshell Jacket is a breathable all-round jacket in a fashionable plaid look.

The Chipmunk Fleece Jacket is easy on the skin but hard wearing. A subtle stripe in the fleece makes for a pleasant appearance.

On the other hand, the Inuit Fleece Jacket convinces with its teddy lining; the contrasting seams on the shoulder yoke make for an appealing appearance.

The Highland Jacket with its coarse-knit outer and its fleece lining is trendy for the outdoors.

The lightweight Slope Winter Trousers are breathable and waterproof. The numerous pockets and the kneepad pockets make them even more versatile.

For women, there is the Eclipse Ladies' Softshell Jacket in two great bright colours or in classic black.

The Basalt Winter Jacket is a smart complement to the Basalt Softshell Jacket and Winter Trousers from last season.

The Neon product line, with Softshell Jacket , Vest , and Jacket is completely new. Muted colours combined with striking details are real eye-catchers.

New Norm DIN EN ISO 20471 for High Visibility Clothing

Darkness and poor visibility are major risk factors when working outside. Dangerous traffic situations, such as those in construction sites, are especially frequently underestimated. Good visibility is also the top priority around railroad tracks, in airports and ports. The new norm DIN EN ISO 20471 replaces the previous norm DIN EN 471. However, high visibility clothing that is certified under DIN EN 471 may continue to be sold and worn. Here, we provide a brief overview of the major changes between DIN EN 471 and DIN EN ISO 20471:

New definition of risk levels

The new norm DIN EN ISO 20471 no longer distinguishes between professional and non-occupational use. It refers generally to all risk situations where a danger of being overlooked exists, and only to high-visibility clothing for high risk. The clothing classes 1, 2, and 3 continue to exist. The classification of retroreflection of reflective strips has been simplified, and corresponds to the former class 2.

Changes in design

Recognition of the human form is to be enhanced. Fluorescent material and horizontal reflective stripes should surround the torso and pant legs and sleeves, if present. Class 3 products must surround the torso and have either sleeves with reflective stripes or pant legs with reflective stripes. Therefore, safety vests and safety bib overalls can no longer be separately certified as class 3. A reflective stripe around the stomach on reflective safety bib overalls is no longer taken into consideration for calculation of the total quantity. Clear combinations of horizontal and vertical retroreflective stripes offer the best visual contrast with most backgrounds. Excessive diagonal elements and indistinct shapes are to be avoided. With the new norm DIN EN ISO 20471, clothing combinations, e.g. safety jacket with safety pants, are also certifiable.

New pictogram

Pictogram High Visibility ClothingProducts are marked with the new pictogram and without classification of retroreflection of the reflective stripes. The "X" signifies the class (1, 2, or 3) depending on the visible background and reflex material.

Material requirements

The testing norms regulating the requirements for background and contrast materials have been updated. In particular, requirements for the color range of fluorescent materials have been raised. In addition, requirements for water vapor resistance have been included in the norm.

PLANAM high visibility clothing per DIN EN ISO 20471

The recertification of PLANAM high visibility clothing from DIN EN 471 to DIN EN ISO 20471 is done. Design and quality of the articles are unchanged. However, due to the large inventory that we maintain to guarantee constant availability, it will still be some time before merchandise labeled according to the new norm is available from stock.

Diversity for all types of weather and every taste

News - 1st May 2013

We are adding nine items to the PLANAM winter collection for a perfect all-round package. With a wide variety of colour schemes, the new products can be combined with PLANAM workwear to optimum effect.

The Shape Ladies Jacket is the first jacket for women in the winter collection. The 3-in-1 jacket with removable inner fleece jacket is waterproof and breathable and therefore suitable for all types of weather. It has a tapered cut to make it comfortable to wear.

At last, a new winter vest! The down-look Moon Vest has an impressively robust outer. It comes with an inner fleece lining for keeping really warm.

The Cube Softshell Jacket is the latest addition to our successful range of softshell items. This has a patterned outer and water-repellent zips to enhance its fashionable look.

The Rocket Jacket is a warm and lightweight jacket with a comfortable fleece on the inside.

Contrasting stitching and two-tone colours are the immediate eye-catchers on the Axis Jacket. In addition this item also has a very comfortable and soft outer and lots of pockets for reliably tucking away all the utensils that are needed.

Practicality is everything for the Basalt Trousers – practical when worn over work trousers or underwear and thermals, with lots of practical pockets. They are hard-wearing thanks to the tough outer and provide natural warmth in cold temperatures. There is also a matching Basalt Jacket. Both items have reflective piping for your safety.

The young and modern look of the Drift Jacket catches the eye straightaway. An elastic outer makes it very comfortable to wear and the attractive colour variations make it stylish for leisure time activities too.

The Basalt Jacket is unostentatious and simple. The mixed outer is waterproof and breathable and the variety of pockets leave nothing to be desired either.

An extensive range of sizes, from XS to 5XL, are available for the Triple Jacket. With a removable fleece jacket it ensures that you are perfectly prepared for every type of weather. It is waterproof and breathable, underlining the casual and comfortable cut.

Stylishly dressed in spite of the rain

News - 27 February 2013

We have added a bright looking rain jacket to the PLANAM rain/summer clothing collection. The Splash Jacket is a breathable and waterproof rain and wind jacket. An adjustable hood provides protection against the rain and waterproof zips also ensure that not a single drop of rain can get inside. With a modern colour design and attractive appearance, you can be sure of being perfectly attired even in bad weather.