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Clothing with appeal!


With more than 25 years’ experience, PLANAM, a medium-sized owner-managed company, has established itself as the market’s leading supplier of workwear and protective clothing. And the reasons for this are clear: excellent quality and innovative products guarantee optimal safety and comfort. The stylishly chic clothing looks great and makes a good impression in the workplace. The reliability and permanent availability of over 2.5 million items ensures an exceptionally high level of service and deliverability. It is therefore no surprise that we now hold a top position in the “top ten” of the sector and enjoy an excellent reputation with the technical trade, full-range manufacturers and specialist protective clothing retailers.

Thanks to lean management, short decision-making processes and modern marketing, which is geared towards our trade partners and their wishes, we can react quickly to market changes without having to making any detours. This consistent marketing policy is an additional reason for the success of and trust in our products.

We grow for our customers

The continuous growth of our company is not only reflected in our significant market position. The dynamic of our development processes is also omnipresent in our factory in Herzebrock-Clarholz, in eastern Westphalia. There is always intensive activity on the 55,000 m² site and in the 19,600 m² factory. The new high bay storage system and functional unloading hall are real eye catchers. Now that the final expansion phase has been completed, the computer-controlled storage area contains enough space for 16,400 palettes. From this area, more than 160,000 orders with more than 3.2 million items are dispatched to our trade partners each year – and if orders are received by 12 p.m., the goods will be in your store the next day.

Cross-border quality and security

The exceptional level of quality and innovative power of our company has become well-known outside Germany. The demand from our export markets in Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States is increasing rapidly, which means more than 15 % of our total turnover is already generated in these markets. To ensure we are always in close proximity to our customers, 10 sales representatives provide support to our customers at home and abroad. We also foster our contacts at various trade fairs, such as the A+A In Dusseldorf and Sawo in Poznan, where we are able to impress both national and international visitors with new products on a regular basis.

Service and Motivation for your success

Intensive support and the best possible service are also the guiding principles in our modern headquarters. Over 70 well-trained and highly motivated employees use 39 modern workstations to monitor and control the flow of goods directly to you. An additional plus for you: the training and sampling centre equipped with the most modern communication and presentation technology. Here you can experience PLANAM quality firsthand. This centre provides you with a comprehensive overview of our wide range of products, the excellent workmanship and the multifunctional equipment of the various products.

Our promise for the future

We will continue to invest heavily in market-oriented product development and will always be ready to listen to suggestions from our specialist retail partners.

The future growth of our company will be geared towards the development of the market. We will strengthen our market position with new products and will look for niche segments into which we can expand.

We will nurture our trade partnerships and will continue to impress you with our quality, reliability, competitive prices, service and innovative new products.

The satisfaction of our retailer partners and their customers is of central importance to us. We are committed to you.

PLANAM is a brand you can trust. And that will continue to be so in future.

We look forward to you trying our garments!